To achieve further low center of gravity and moment of inertia.

The high specific gravity of our tungsten heel & toe implants increases the Moment of Inertia. The weight is where you need it: low down, on the green. Just roll it in.

Equipped with tungsten of high specific gravity.

Emblem has 2 color to choose from: Black and Red.

Face insert.

Face insert with grooves, therefore reduced the contact with ball, make the ball roll better.


Head material Soft iron (body) + Soft stainless steel SUS304 (face) + Tungsten (sole)
Manufacturing process CNC Milled Soft Iron
Finish Gloss Nickel Platinum-Colored Finished
Shaft Original Steel
Length 34 Inches

Made In Japan


"Tour Classic" Putter Grip from Golf Pride uses the fine orthodox rubber as material. The angle-shaped grip fits golfers' hands comfortably.

Name Honma Rubber Putter Gold
Color Black (Logo: Gold)
Material Rubber
Weight 84g