Be ZEAL Ladies

Distance to satisfy the serious golfer.


features features


Leads to better results

Confidence-inspiring shape enhances impact which leads to a more consistent ball flight.
The lower CG created by an ultrathin crown leads to an increased swing speed and higher ball flight.

Extremely thin crown thickness

Take aim at the pin

Unified weight positions placed closer to the sole creates a lower CG, which leads to a more powerful trajectory.

Unified weight positions.

Enhances playability from various lies.

A moderately rounded sole works from any lie to pick the ball clean from deep rough or out of the bunker.

A new VIZARD shaft was developed for Be ZEAL.

Our powerful technological development capabilities, which satisfies the needs of professional golfers, has been utilized to help amateur golfers achieve their full potential.

EPT-tech Efficient Power Transmission Technology
Increased acceleration provided by "low kick point design"
Higher launch angle and optimized spin provided by our "total stiffness design"
Reduction in power loss at impact with Zxion®,
a vibration damping material

Single-piece design of head + shaft

Wood : Grip‐oriented design is especially designed for longer carry distance, which is easily achieved with high trajectory and low spin rate.
Iron : Reduction in loss of momentum during follow-through coupled with a special design to create shots with higher trajectories and increased spin rates, which lead to increased backspin.

ZXION®, a vibration damping material, is used for the tip.

Reduced impact shock reduces power loss.
Reduced head shake achieves direction stability.

*ZXION® is the registered trademark of KB Seiren, Ltd.
This material is widely used in the sports fields, including catgut for tennis rackets, aircraft, belt reinforcing materials, speaker cones, etc.

SPEC Be ZEAL 525 Ladies

Head material / Manufacturing process SUS630 / Casting
Face material / Manufacturing process High-strength custom steel / Rolled
# (No.) U22 U25 U28
Loft (deg.) 22 25 28
Lie angle (deg.) 60.0
Head volume (cm 3) 128
Length (inches) 39.0 38.5 38.0
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
VIZARD for Be ZEAL L B9・305 B9・309 B9・313
A B9・308 B9・312 B9・316

Made in Japan


Material Carbon+ZXION®
Kick-point Mid
Flex L,A
# (No.) 22 25 28
Gross weight (g) L 39.5 39.0 38.5
A 42.0 41.5 41.0
Torque (deg.) L 6.05
A 5.85
Frequency (cpm) L 238 243 248
A 254 259 264

Data refers to the shaft only