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  • Shared Development Technology~Professionals and Serious Golfers~

    In response to the needs of better golfers and using the know-how gained through prototype models, we are Capable of creating a great variation of clubs

    Because there are many professional golfers at Honma, we have created many prototypes. The most highly rated models selected by our professionals have become the TW737 model line.

  • Customized Production Capability~Customized for every golfer~

    With the creation of a large variety of parts, we are Capable of creating the best custom club suited for an individual

    At the tournaments, our craftsmen spend an entire day assembling clubs for pros. Every craftsman is capable of making an entire club from start to finish, with efficiency and precision. By fully utilizing the skills of these craftsmen, we are capable of assembling clubs swiftly.

  • Fitting Capability~The most optimum club for every golfer~

    With a great variation of clubs, we have the ability to Choose the most suitable club for every skilled golfer

    From the great variation of clubs, to choosing the right club for every professional golfer takes the HONMA professional support team and their fitting skills to provide the upmost service. Choosing the most suitable club for skilled golfers is just the same.


  • TW737 445

    TW737 445

    The size and shape of this head is designed to produce low spin and a penetrating ball flight.

  • TW737 450

    TW737 450

    The traditional shape with a mid center of gravity design that traditionalists love.

  • TW737 455

    TW737 455

    This driver has superb directional stability and features a deep center of gravity that provides a high MOI.

  • TW737 460

    TW737 460

    This high trajectory driver produces an optimum spin by utilizing its ultra-shallow, low center of gravity.
    A model for long carry distances and great forgiveness proven and designed by professional golfers.


  • TW737 FW

    TW737 FW

    The FW is a larger profile model that is easier to hit and provides maximum carry distance. The larger head provides more forgiveness with its higher MOI design.

  • TW737 FWc

    TW737 FWc

    The FW-c is a compact model that provides enhanced shot control demanded by professional golfers.

  • TW737 UT

    TW737 UT

    The UT model features a large profile which allows for easy set up position when addressing the ball and reliability with the flow of a fairway wood in mind.

  • TW737 UTc

    TW737 UTc

    "The UT-c model features a compact profile with enhanced control performance demanded by professional golfers.
    The compact shape allows for effortless shots, out of all conditions."


  • TW737 V

    TW737 V

    The V model is a cavity back model that focuses on extra carry distance and maneuverability.

  • TW737 Vs

    TW737 Vs

    The Vs model is slightly larger in design than the v model giving a little more confidence at address. This iron also provides excellent feedback and extra carry distance.

  • TW737 Vn

    TW737 Vn

    The Vn model is a half cavity back model with a tour proven muscleback design providing the ultimate feel.

  • TW737 P

    TW737 P

    The P model is a precision cast cavity back model, that features a deep pocket design which lowers the center of gravity.

  • TW-BM


    Evolutionary muscle-back iron


  • TW W

    TW W

    The mild steel forged wedge which meets the professional golfers strict demands.

  • TW PT

    TW PT

    We will release the first model of the Tour World putter series.


  • TW G6

    TW G6

    Sextet of carry distance and spin.

  • TW G1

    TW G1

    Superb spin performance and carry distance controlled by the Spirited gear.

  • TW K1

    TW K1

    Aggressive straight-line performance.

  • TW G1x

    TW G1x

    Advanced carry distance realized by the Spirited gear and spin performance.