TW737 445


High Velocity × A Low Spin × Reduces pulls= You can swing HARD
Shape The pear profile contains a thick wall at the center of the crown. The shape provides long carry and produces a major deflection of the crown at impact to catapult the ball forward.
Center of Gravity Design The shallow center of gravity design fits the inside-out swing, which is often seen with professional golfers. Provides adequate launch and spin rate.
Face The grain-flow forged cup face produces maximum initial launch speed, in conjunction with the head deflection.

Grain-Flow Forged Cup Face"Fast ball release" is a top feature

The 445’s cup face was designed to minimize golfers' tendency to hit drives left.

High-Density Cup Face

The 445’s cup face was designed to minimize golfers' tendency to hit drives left.
Setting the grain flow in the vertical direction creates a high density and enhances rigidity.
Surplus weight is born by thinning the face, and it has expanded the design flexibility.

  • FACE
  • BODY
  • SOLE

A thin crown with a partial wall thickness of 0.6mm and 0.55mm allows redistribution of surplus weight to the sole.


Head material / manufacturing process 811 titanium / Casting
Face material / manufacturing process 6-4 titanium / Forged
# (No.) 1W
Shaft VIZARD Type-A/Type-Z
Loft (deg.) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle (deg.) 58.5
Head volume (cm3) 457
Length (inches) 45.5
Distance to center of gravity (mm) 40.0 40.5
Height to Center of Gravity (mm) 33.0 33.5
Depth to center of gravity (mm) 35.5 36.0
Angle to center of gravity (deg.) 20.5 20.0
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
Type-A 50/R D1・303
Type-A 50/S D2: 306
Type-A 60/R D1: 308
Type-A 60/S D2: 311
Type-A 60/X D3: 314
Type-A 70/S D2: 319
Type-A 70/X D3: 322
Type-Z 50/R D1: 301
Type-Z 50/S D2: 304
Type-Z 60/R D1: 306
Type-Z 60/S D2: 309
Type-Z 60/X D3: 312
Type-Z 70/S D2: 317
Type-Z 70/X D3: 320


Possesses a firmer middle and butt with a softer tip section.
This shaft offers superior high velocity and response, and provides great carry distance performance.

type A60S


Possesses a firmer middle and tip with a softer butt section.
The shaft offers superior maneuverability with a stable head, for solid hitting performance without fear of hooking the ball.

type Z60S


Name TW Rubber
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 50.0
Size M60