TW737 455


High Velocity × Straight-line Stability × High Moment Of Inertia
Shape A relatively shallower head with thick walls makes the face look longer, thereby adding the sense of confidence at address.
Center of Gravity Design With a deep center of gravity, the 455 delivers a high trajectory and long distance.
Face The high-density cup face, featuring pleasant hitting sound and response, allows golfers to feel the ball caught on the face.

High-Density Cup FaceFeel the ball catching the clubface

The 450 and 455 drivers feature a high-density cup face that produces a responsive feel and rewarding sound. The 450 has been engineered for maneuverability, while the 455 has been designed for straighter, more stable shots.
These clubs produce a slightly higher spin rate than the 445 and a slightly higher launch angle.

The clubface goes through a two-press process after forging, which changes the metallic structure of the 6-4 titanium by making it denser and enhancing its rigidity.

  • BODY
  • SOLE

The thickness of the crown aimed at lightening with partial wall thickness of 0.6mm and 0.55mm and distributed the surplus weight into the sole part.


Head material / manufacturing process 811 titanium / Casting
Face material / manufacturing process Ti6-4 titanium / Forged
# (No.) 1W
Shaft VIZARD Type-A/Type-Z
Loft (deg.) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle (deg.) 58.5
Head volume (cm3) 456
Length (inches) 45.5
Distance to center of gravity (mm) 39.5 40.0
Height to Center of Gravity (mm) 33.5 34.0
Depth to center of gravity (mm) 40.0 40.5
Angle to center of gravity (deg.) 26.5 26.0
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
Type-A 50/R D1・303
Type-A 50/S D2: 306
Type-A 60/R D1: 308
Type-A 60/S D2: 311
Type-A 60/X D3: 314
Type-A 70/S D2: 319
Type-A 70/X D3: 322
Type-Z 50/R D1: 301
Type-Z 50/S D2: 304
Type-Z 60/R D1: 306
Type-Z 60/S D2: 309
Type-Z 60/X D3: 312
Type-Z 70/S D2: 317
Type-Z 70/X D3: 320


Possesses a firmer middle and butt with a softer tip section.
This shaft offers superior high velocity and response, and provides great carry distance performance.

type A60S


Possesses a firmer middle and tip with a softer butt section.
The shaft offers superior maneuverability with a stable head, for solid hitting performance without fear of hooking the ball.

type Z60S


Name TW Rubber
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 50.0
Size M60