TW G1x



Three-piece Structure with Urethane Cover

[ 1 ]

Extraordinary carry distance.

The large-capacity, high resilience core generates high initial velocity and low spin.
The result is extraordinary straight-line stability and carry distance.

[ 2 ]

Stable spin performance

The soft-cast urethane cover boasts optimal spin performance on all shots.

[ 3 ]

Trajectory is optimumal for longer carry distance.

The combined use of the large-diameter 318 dimples and the large- capacity high resilience core controls the blow-up and realizes the opti- mum trajectory that can withstand the wind.


The needs of serious
golfers are covered with four models.


Overspin suppression, straight-line stability, and excellent trajectory.

By inserting the newly developed, high resilience ionomer inner cover between the core and the outer cover, the overspin can successfully be controlled on full swings,for powerful trajectory

Competitive Spin Performance and High Durability

The soft urethane cover exerts the competitive spin performance.

For the TW-G1 and TWG1X balls, the soft urethane cover enhances spin performance. Shown in the graph above, the urethane resin is more likely to be durable as it becomes softer.

Conceptual Image of Ball Trajectory Hit with Driver

  • TW G1
  • The large-diameter 336 dimples generates high trajectory, stability, and long carry.

  • G1x
  • Combining the large-diameter 318 dimples and the large-capacity, high-resilience core generates optimum trajectory that can withstand the wind.

*Trajectory Image

Carry distance

Carry distance

Astonishing spin performance is realized.

Astonishing spin performance is realized.


Advanced carry distance and spin performance.


Model: TW-G1x
Model number: BTQ3402(sleeve)
Cover: Three-piece Soft-case Urethane Cover
Coler: White
Players No: