HONMA’s tradition of craftsmanship, established by our founders 60 years ago, guides and influences the way we make golf equipment today. The path to clubmaking mastery is long, beginning with apprenticeship and concluding when a craftsman is able imagine exactly how the finished club will feel and play in the client’s hands, infusing their every movement with the single goal of creating the finest clubs in the world. A HONMA master craftsman takes great pride continuing HONMA’s legacy by expertly crafting products that the discerning golfer will appreciate.

The long road to becoming a HONMA master craftsman only ends when the craftsman can imagine how the finished club will feel and play. A HONMA clubmaker knows that although technology may evolve, taking great pride in creating a product golfers will cherish remains timeless.
A HONMA master craftsman forms a close connection with the golf club; Our craftsmen build upon the legacy of Honma equipment with pride in what they create.
The pinnacle of the HONMA master clubmaker’s art is that each new creation must be infused with both beauty and performance. It starts with the science of clubmaking, the latest materials and technology, and ends with a state-of-the-art club, appealing to the true golf connoisseur.